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Incredible find as AMC required dealers to dispose of old signs to get new ones as a part of their contract.  For this reason, AMC signs are extremely rare.  To find one in this condition is nearly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  If you have built an AMC or AMC Jeep collection this SERVICE sign will display in your shop or building as the keystone of your collection display!

Auction End Date
December 31, 2023 at 12:00 pm EST
Item Name
NOS AMC Jeep Service Sign

Item Description

This is an NOS AMC Jeep Dealership Service sign saved from an original AMC Jeep dealership.  The Service sign was never hung and is in excellent condition.  There are some minor scratches and scuffs from transport and storage for 40 years.  Overall, the condition is excellent, and the colors are unfaded.  This sign is 9ft 4inches long, 24 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  I can build a crate for it and ship in the US but prefer local pickup.  Any transport costs are covered by the buyer.


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