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VinHammer founders Jeremy Tepper and Michael Hoegerl have been passionate vehicle collectors for over two decades. They have shared a mutual interest in the collector Jeep community and enjoy chasing and uncovering some of the finest examples in the world. They have been fortunate to meet countless enthusiasts across the US.

The development of online vehicle sales has changed the buying, selling, and connecting of people across the world, but Jeremy and Mike often discussed the struggles of buying and selling vehicles on existing online auction platforms. The current options often lack speed, control, and options robust options. To fill the gap, they decided to find solutions to existing problems in the industry. In the middle of 2021, they enlisted the help of software engineers, website designers, and marketing experts to assist in the development of VIN Hammer™, setting the stage for a new leader in the online auction community.

About the Founders

About The Owners

Jeremy is based out of Tucson, AZ. A Florida native, Jeremy joined the Marines in 1999 (Semper Fi) and got stationed in Yuma, AZ in 2000. Just prior to getting out of the Marines in 2004, Jeremy met his wife Natasha and the two were married shortly thereafter. Jeremy and Natasha have two children and currently live in a small community on the outskirts of Tucson, AZ. During his off-time, Jeremy enjoys going on off-road adventures, camping, hunting, golfing, and of course, his family time!

Michael is based out of Thompsons Station, TN a suburb of Nashville TN. Growing up in Edinboro, PA working on his family’s old vehicles as a teenager, Michael gravitated towards vehicles and engineering interests. He went on to graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State.


An Optimal Auction Experience

This site is built to provide you with the most streamlined experience possible. The user portal ensures fast listing times for sellers and seamless transactions for buyers. We are giving you control of your vehicle’s pricing and offering additional options for how it sells. We’re proud of what we’ve developed for the community and excited about bringing together buyers and sellers of some of the best enthusiast vehicles in existence!