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Mucho Macho HONCHO!!!  This 1984 Jeep J10 short bed has tremendous curb appeal.  We like the fact that all the hard work is done!  The paint is excellent driver quality, the decals are fresh and pop, and the engine runs like a top!  Unfortunately, the transmission needs some work, but the great part about that is the seller priced this aggressively to account for that. These short bed Jeep J10 trucks are becoming extremely difficult to find.  With a little bit of work, you'll be proud to drive this in your local parades, Jeep shows, and even on date night!

Auction End Date
February 17, 2024 at 7:00 pm EST
Vehicle Location
Vail, Arizona
VIN Code
Body Style
88,611 miles
Engine Size
258 CID
Four-wheel Drive (4WD)
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Fuel Type
Seller Type
Private Party

Vehicle History

The current owner of this Jeep purchased it from the long-time 2nd owner out of Pigeon Forge, TN.  During the previous owner’s tenure, the floorboards received minor rust repair and the exterior was repainted in 2020.  The previous owner had plans to install bedliner in the bed of the truck, but never got around to it- which is why the truck bed still retains its original, rust-free metal in the bed.  The new owner can either install fresh bedliner or paint to match the original Sebring Red paint code.  This Jeep is believed to be a standard J10 short bed truck, but the previous owner added the Honcho decals to give it some more flare and curb appeal.

Listing Features

  • Outstanding driver-quality exterior paint job
    • Seller reports previous owner did not paint the inside of the bed because he had plans to bed line it.  That never happened, so the new owner can paint of bed line at their discretion
  • Tremec T4 manual shift transmission
  • Factory bench seat
  • Straight, rust-free body
  • Aftermarket Bosch volt, oil pressure, and temperature gauge cluster
  • Working AM/FM radio
  • 2″ hitch receiver
  • Maxxis 31×10.5OR15LT tires in excellent condition
  • Factory original white AMC wagon wheels

Seller Disclosures

How extensive are your service records?

Seller indicates they have some service records

What was done during recent servicing and how long ago was it performed?

The seller reports the engine oil was changed approximately 5 months ago.

Are there any modifications from stock?

Seller indicates the vehicle is all original

Any history of paintwork or bodywork?

Yes, Jeep was painted Sebring Red approximately 3 years ago. At that time, the previous owner also added the Honcho stripe package.

Are there known issue/s?

Yes, The current owner reports the transmission makes a winding noise in 1, 2, and 3rd gear. The Seller believes the transmission may need a rebuild, but is not certain as he states he has no transmission experience. 4th gear runs without noise. Seller states a typical T4 transmission rebuild runs approximately $1200

Has it been in any accident/s?


Is there any rust present?



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As far as the transmission is concerned, that whining is typical of straight cut gears, I believe. It would make sense in the acceleration gears would be straight, as they are, I believe, stronger. The fourth gear being quiet is typical of a helical cut gear, which is designed to be quieter, but sacrifices a bit of strength. Since it’s the highway gear, I think engineers do this to satisfy the typical complaint of noise at highway speed, or at least one since it’s an old Jeep, lol. Beautiful old Honcho. I’d love to have it but I only have trades at this time. GLWTA!!!!!

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