New Year, New Incentives: Get 50% of the Buyer’s Premium!

VIN Hammer is excited to announce a brand-new incentive program! For a limited time, sellers will receive a significant boost to their profits: a 50% of the buyer’s premium when their vehicle sells. This generous offer is designed to attract high-quality listings and reward our loyal community of sellers.

Traditionally, online vehicle marketplaces operate on a buyer’s premium model, where the buyer pays a percentage fee on top of the winning bid. This premium covers various costs and ensures the smooth operation of the platform. For a limited time, VIN Hammer is sharing a substantial portion of this premium with the seller, in the form of a 50% bnus.

Why are we doing this? The answer is simple: we believe in creating a marketplace that benefits all parties involved. By offering sellers a share of the buyer’s premium, we’re not only boosting their potential earnings but also encouraging the listing of higher-quality vehicles. This, in turn, attracts more serious buyers, creating a cycle of growth and satisfaction.

Here’s how it works: once a vehicle is sold, the seller will receive 50% of the buyer’s premium. There are no hidden fees or complicated terms; we’ve made the process as straightforward as possible. Sellers can now look forward to a more profitable selling experience, while buyers continue to enjoy a wide selection of top-quality vehicles.

This limited-time offer is an opportunity for both seasoned and new sellers to maximize their returns. Whether you’re looking to sell a classic car, a classic Jeep, or another high-quality vehicle, your listing is our priority. Your vehicle will be featured on our platform, dedicated ads, and our email newsletter. Start selling today!