VIN Hammer’s FIRST SALE! Thank you Scott!

It’s been a humbling experience getting this site up and running.  We’re new to the online auto auction game and we’re competing against giants who’ve been around for a long time!  We know it’ll take some time to get the word out about VIN Hammer, but rest assured the word is spreading and our website views are growing exponentially… daily!  We’re very excited about this growth and its comforting to see our efforts working.  We were very happy to hear Scott learned about our site on Google while searching for a Jeep.  We were not on the front page of the search results, but our efforts are working and we were discovered on Google on page 2 or 3 of his search.  Hopefully over time we show up on page 1.

Scott was the winning bidder of our first ever VIN Hammer auction sale!  Woohoo!!!  Scott flew into Tucson to inspect the vehicle in person this past weekend.  I picked Scott up from the airport, took him to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and then we went to my house where we were met by the guys from Big Iron Mobile Automotive Services.  The Big Iron guys spent about 30-45 minutes crawling underneath the Jeep where they looked for rust, leaks, issues, etc.  With virtually any 40 year old Jeep, it had some very minor issues these Jeeps inevitably have… couple drips of oil coming from the rear main seal, small leak in the rear brake cylinder, and a worn out steering shaft boot.  The important thing is this Jeep has very good bones!  Rust free metal from California never disappoints and Scott saw the value in what this Jeep has to offer.

Scott cut his check to the Big Iron guys for their inspection and was happy with the results.  We took the Jeep out for quick spin where we got her to just over 65 mph!  No wandering, weird shakes, etc!  Scott’s visit lasted just 2.5 hours before I brought him back to the airport for his flight back home.  Quick in and out, but we got the job done.  In-person inspections are always encouraged if possible.  The problem is they’re hard to coordinate, especially when someone finds a vehicle and they only have a week or so to make up their mind whether or not they want to bid.  But that’s the beauty of companies such as Big Iron who can handle the unbiased inspection work for you if you’re not able to fly in like Scott was.

We’re thankful Scott made the investment in time to come and inspect the vehicle.  This in-person inspection made Scott more comfortable in placing his bid, ultimately winning the auction and becoming VIN Hammer’s first winning bidder!  I’m also excited to call Scott a new friend.  We thank you Scott and hope you enjoy your new Jeep for many years to come.