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If you don’t mind a pretty minor project that you can “fix as you enjoy” that also has an affordable entry in to the Jeep CJ market, look no further!  CJs with the factory 304 V8 motor are highly desirable and few and far between.  This Jeep holds no secrets and is as honest as they come.  The seller intentionally did not detail the vehicle so misrepresentation will not be an issue.  With a buff, some catch-up maintenance, miscellaneous tinkering and a rear floorboard replacement, you'll have yourself a Jeep you'll be proud to own!  This Jeep WILL SELL with just 1 bid!

Auction End Date
July 20, 2023 at 9:00 pm EST
Vehicle Location
Vail, Arizona
VIN Code
Body Style
86,353 miles
Engine Size
304 V8
Four-wheel Drive (4WD)
Exterior Color
Bordeaux Metallic
Interior Color
Levi tan
Fuel Type
Seller Type
Private Party

Vehicle History

Seller acquired the vehicle from the grandson of the original owner in Arizona. The Jeep spent the majority of its time on a farm near Mesa, AZ.

Listing Features

  • One family owned from Arizona
  • Original H-code (304 ci) V8 AMC motor
  • T150 3-speed manual shift transmission
  • Dana 20 dual range transfer case
  • Mostly original paint
  • Factory original hard top and hard doors
  • Front shackle hanger reversal for improved driving
  • Mostly original inside and out
  • Factory gauges are working
  • Bordeaux Metallic (AMC color code 9P) paint (only offered by AMC in 1979 and 1980)

This CJ7 has been one-family owned until the seller’s recent acquisition.  The Jeep is mostly original paint, but has evidence of spot painting in several areas.  Seller indicates the spot painting appears to have been done a long time ago as the paint blends well with the patina.  The floor behind the rear bench shows isolated rust, which is the only area of the Jeep that has rot.  Minimal surface rust is visible on the front floor boards.  The rear quarter panels adjacent to the tailgate shows evidence of repair due to sheet metal cracking around the hinges of the tire carrier (common issue with CJ era Jeeps due to the weight of oversized tires on the factory tire carrier).  The seller indicates there is evidence of partial spot painting near the front fenders, rear quarter panels and interior floorboards; presumably to cover rock chips and interior paint wear from foot abrasion.  The seller states most of the paint on the vehicle is original with visible, factory correct spot welds throughout.

Seller Disclosures

How extensive are your service records?

Seller indicates they don't have any service records

Are there any modifications from stock?

Seller indicates that there are modifications, Seller states the vehicle has a front shackle reversal kit for improved handling.

Any history of paintwork or bodywork?

Yes, Seller states there is paint blending on the front fenders, some on the floorboards of the Jeep, and some on the rear quarter panels from weld repair.

Are there known issue/s?

Yes, Seller states the following: Brake light stays on in the instrument cluster and brakes are slightly "mushy." Seller believes clutch is making "clutch chatter." 4WD indicator light on the instrument cluster does not illuminate when the vehicle is in 4WD. Factory air conditioner unit is inoperable. Horn is inoperable. Factory heater blower motor inoperable. Original Levi-tan seats are in poor condition. Isolated rot on the floorboard behind the rear bench (factory carpet presumable retained water from seepage). Seller states the tires are in poor condition and will need to be replaced.

Has it been in any accident/s?


Is there any rust present?

Yes, Rust behind rear seat.

Additional Information

Shackle reversal. mostly original paint, rust behind rear seat, some body repair from tire swing


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