Jeep Truck Transportation Disaster!!!

Those of you who have purchased a vehicle long distance have likely dealt with the uncertainty that comes with your newly purchased vehicle in someone else’s hands. A transport company.  These transactions all have a few things in common.  The truck driver will be either early, late, or provide little to no communication, but that’s likely another topic in itself.  For me, an area they have never gotten wrong after hundreds of vehicles being transported and delivered is picking up the right vehicle and dropping it off at the right place.  Until now!

Recently I purchased and had a 1979 Jeep J10 Saxon Yellow Honcho transported form PA to TN.  Does anyone remember the yellow Honcho Jeep truck with blue graphics in the move Twister!  I got a call the evening before my truck was to be delivered with the driver explaining he would like to drop off between 10-11pm.  The only problem was I was out of town.  I conceded he could drop the vehicle in my driveway if he took pictures and texted them to me for verification.  I fell asleep around 11pm and the next morning awoke to no pictures or texts on my phone.  I immediately contact the driver and ask for pictures of my truck delivered in my driveway.  He promptly sends the pictures, and immediately I am horrified.  The pictures are not of my driveway and not of my house. I have no clue where this house is!

With even more horror I call my wife knowing I have to ask her to drive down our road to see if the truck was dropped at one of our neighbors. Not to mention, that this is 7:00 in the morning while my wife is home alone with our two kids, and she will need to call my mother-in-law to come help get this vehicle back to our house. An eternity later, my wife calls me with good news, she found the jeep. Bad news is that the neighbors woke to this old jeep in their driveway and called the cops immediately. My wife pulled up to a strange house with three cop cars and a tow truck. The police situation went over with my wife like a wet blanket, and she is usually really patient with the classic vehicle circus. Needless to say, she was not happy!

In the end, the transport company was able to get the truck out of impound and delivered to my house. What a great lesson learned: do not allow the transport company to deliver a vehicle without someone you trust to take delivery or yourself!

Home at last
In someone else’s driveway behind their cars
Picture driver sent me the next day in front of someone else’s house.
Not my driveway!