Finding an all-original 1973 Super Jeep!

I’ve been hunting Jeeps for approximately 20 years and have come across some amazing finds.  One of my best finds was this 1973 CJ5 Super Jeep!  It’s all original paint and has just 34,000 original miles.  Here’s the story….

Of all places, I found this Jeep up in the Boston area.  Ultimately you’d think nothing leaves Boston without significant rust.  Well, I’m here to tell you I found the most original, rust-free CJ5 ever to leave Mass!  This Jeep was one owner until my acquisition.  It never spent a day out in the rain, never saw snow, was stored on blocks all winter under a cover in a heated garage.  I know this because I’ve spent significant time talking with the wife of the original owner.  Here’s the story as good as I remember it.  I also have it in a hand-written note from Paula.

Paula and Richard Rozkuska were both school teachers in Mass.  On July 2nd, 1973 they drove past Dorey’s Jeep and Ski-Doo dealership in Belchertown, Mass and saw the Super Jeep in the display window.  They went inside just to “look” and ended up leaving a small deposit on the vehicle.  They borrowed money from their folks and completed the sale of $3,870 the following day.  They owned this Jeep until 2020, which is when I purchased it from them.  With Richard being a school Teacher and his name being somewhat long, the students always called him “Mr. Roz,” which was why “Roz” was on the spare tire cover.  It was the name his students affectionately called him, so he naturally took a liking to it.

Unfortunately, Richard came down with Alzheimers and his health started to deteriorate.  I purchased this Jeep several months prior to his passing from his daughter Rozlynn.  Rozlynn and I had several discussions and she explained how much this Jeep meant to her father and family.  She remembers driving in it with her mom and dad as a child and all the great memories that came with that.  When the Jeep arrived to Tucson, I had no choice but to remove the spare tire cover and send it to Rozlynn as a keepsake.   I hope she hung the tire cover in the garage somewhere and thinks of her dad and gets a smile every time she looks at it.

This is probably the best documented Super Jeep in existence.  Check out that original title… it looks like the Declaration of Independence!  Mr. Roz kept meticulous records.  Enjoy the photos!