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Videos Car Buyers Love to Watch

Buying a car can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. With so many makes and…

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benefits of online auto auctions

Benefits of Listing with Online Auto Auction

Are you looking to sell your car quickly and at a fair price? You might…

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online auto auction

Your Guide to Buying a Vehicle at an Online Auto Auction

Buying a used car at an online auto auction can be a convenient and cost-effective…

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most expensive cars

Most Expensive Cars Bought at Auction

If you’re a car enthusiast or collector, you’ve likely heard about some of the incredible…

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Maximizing Your Car’s Potential: Tips for Detailing Your Vehicle

Detailing your car can be a fun and satisfying process, but it can also be…

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How to Get Your Car Ready for a Successful Sale

Preparing your car for sale is an important step in getting the best price possible….

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VIN Hammer’s FIRST SALE! Thank you Scott!

It’s been a humbling experience getting this site up and running.  We’re new to the…

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How I got scammed on a vehicle purchase and how you can prevent it from happening to you!

Let’s face in… in this day and age its hard to trust a lot of…

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What’s My Car Worth? A Guide to Pricing Your Vehicle

Selling a car can be an exciting, but challenging process. One of the most critical…

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Important areas to check when inspecting a Jeep CJ (CJ5, CJ7, or even CJ8 Scrambler) for rust prior to purchase

So you’ve found a Jeep CJ (CJ5, CJ7, or even a CJ8 Scrambler) that catches…

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Jeep Truck Transportation Disaster!!!

Those of you who have purchased a vehicle long distance have likely dealt with the…

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Finding an all-original 1973 Super Jeep!

I’ve been hunting Jeeps for approximately 20 years and have come across some amazing finds….

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