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How to Bid

  1. Register For Auction Bidding

    In order to bid or contact the seller, you must first register to bid with a valid email, credit card, and phone number.
  2. Start Bidding

    – After you’ve registered for the auction, you’re ready to bid! Make note that once you register, we place a hold on your credit card to cover your buyer’s premium. If you’re the high bidder once the hammer falls, your credit card will be charged, and you’ll pay the Seller directly for the vehicle. If you’re not the winner of the auction, we’ll release the credit card hold immediately.

    – Bids are binding, so only place a bid on a vehicle if you’re serious. If you’re not serious about the vehicle and your bid ends up winning, we charge your credit card a non-refundable Buyer’s premium based on the hammer price of the car.

    – As an “anti-sniping” tool, bids placed within the final two minutes of the auction will automatically extend the auction time by two minutes and will continue to do so on all bids placed within the final two minutes. This ensures the auction process is fair and keeps bidders from “sniping.” Sniping is when someone places a bid within the last second(s) of an auction to steal away the winning bid of the highest bidder.

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